Ministry Overview


Todd Adams, Missionary: saved at 6; called at 7; recommitted at 18; married at 24; seminary and clinically-trained counselor at 36; sold everything in one great leap of faith and left for the mission field of French Quebec at 43, in the year 2004.

Todd and family (wife, and 5 children, then aged 5 through 15) answered a clear call to go to the mission field, not knowing whence the funding would come, nor when they would return to California, thinking when they left that they would be back at the end of a single year.

In July, the Adams will mark their 11th year in missionary work.

Once they arrived on the Quebec islands, little by little God cleared the way before them just enough for them to take the next step of faith. When the first summer arrived and the rental home they were in became unaffordable at high season prices, they left for the mainland, and were quickly invited into the midst of counseling needs across the continent.

This pattern of three quarters of the year in Quebec and one quarter as summer circuit riders repeated itself year after year: the overwhelming needs of itinerant ministry tugged them across the United States through the hot months of a summer circuit, and, just as the leaves were about to turn colour, they experienced a call back to the French islands for another season of frigid weather, wild winds and blowing snow; back to an isolated archipelago of French Acadian fishermen who had pulled their boats out of the water for the long winter, and who now had time on their hands to go from house to house visiting, telling stories, playing accordions and fiddles together, mending nets, and then seal hunting during the extended months of thick ice-cover on the Atlantic ocean.

Their work was cut out for them by an omniscient God, who paved the spread of the gospel in ways unknown to them as they taught their children to play stringed instruments and to socialize with total strangers and to love foreigners and hardworking elderly folk. These simple skills and this cross-cultural awareness became the very keys that God would one day use to open doors to hearts across Quebec.

The work has not been easy. The hours are many, vastly greater than any 9 to 5 job Todd could have had at home, and the workload and emotional burden, the financial sacrifices, and the strain of conversing in another language with a people group known for their stubborn hearts against God (despite their kindness and their welcome towards the Adams Team) have precipitated many discussions and much prayer by the family, to be certain that clearly God was leading them.

Today, the ministry has expanded beyond the borders of the Acadians on the Magdalen Islands to the Cantons L’Est, and to northern Quebec villages, and to Acadian peoples in numerous locations…as well as to homes and churches and conference groups across America and parts of France.

Todd’s Master’s degree in clinical counseling and more than 20 years of counseling experience have given him a unique understanding of the needs of men in leadership: their private struggles and public successes; their need to be understood and respected; the distractions they face as they follow God; and the peace and direction that floods over them as they surrender themselves to the unique task for which God created them. For those who are serious about change and who desire an intentional, structured approach to maximizing their God-given potential, Todd provides a confidential clinical container (for leaders whose lives are often lived in a fishbowl), coupled with a seasoned heart for Christ. Todd is also available for a more informal, less-structured approach as needed.

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