Meet the Team


The Adams Team have been missionaries without borders since 2004, going where God calls, doing what God commands, reaching whom God chooses, that God may have the glory in our faithfulness and worship of Him with our lives, and in the transformations of hearts we touch, through the power of Jesus Christ. Our object: that our hearts, and those we counsel, would maximize their God-directed effectiveness in family life, in marriage, in church planting, and in church leadership relationships.


A family specially called of God to leave a secular occupation or comfortable mainstream life, to devote themselves full time as a single-minded community of Christ’s disciples, in a distinct cross cultural ministry that could not be done without significant sacrifice or financial reliance on God.

In 2004, God called the Adams Team to sell all that they had and to willingly go forth to places unknown, to cross both geographical and cultural boundaries, joyfully giving of their time and energy to bear witness of the gospel of Jesus Christ and to disciple believers through intensive caring counseling.

This call has necessitated much moving about, few roots in any locale, much packing and repacking of meager belongings, tight bonding with one another and leaning on other Christians for strength, as they repeatedly go behind closed doors and church masks to bring the message of Truth to those yearning for freedom in Christ.

The Adams have a heart for the isolated, the burnt out, the underserved leaders who have not felt able to share their hearts with anyone, and the highly visible leaders who have not felt the freedom to genuinely entrust their private lives with others.

We see ourselves as available for His service,
whenever He calls, to wherever He calls,
for how long He leads us to stay in one area.

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