Meet the Kids

{Pictures coming soon!}

Curtis, 26, is a licensed attorney in the state of California, and is currently in his second year of medical school in Vermont, with a heart for bringing the gospel to underserved populations upon completion of his physician training.

Austin-Hans, 25, also has a Juris Doctor degree and is a licensed attorney, currently studying premed Sciences online with the intention of serving in medical missions as a Physician’s Assistant.

Isaac, 23, also holds a license as a lawyer in California, and is working in a virtual law office, setting up nonprofits — Isaac is also in premed studies with the intention of developing a medical mission clinic with his brothers, and hopes to sit for the MCAT in May and apply to medical school in August of this year.

Emily, 21, is a nationally certified paralegal, who has chosen to devote the bulk of her time to assisting this ministry, as well as studying French and German as part of a B.A. program online.

Isabella, 16, continues to help all of us, while studiously completing her high school education.

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