2nd Generation Ministry

(Adams Kids)

• Music ministry (vocal group and string quartet) in churches, conferences, and university events
• Video presentations, including a video of gratitude to the discipling men of their father’s generation
• Newsletter production (printing and mailing) of Sister to Sister, Letters Home, and two new productions (one for guys and a second one for girls) due out in the Spring
• Newsletter writing by Emily in French for the Quebecois people (words of gospel and encouragement in a monthly newsletter called “Thé Avec Emily”)
• Blog writing (www.artisanemily.blogspot.com, and www.masculineconversations.blogspot.com)
• International student hospitality nights with unbelievers (primarily Jewish and Muslim medical students) – preparing meals, planning discussions and activities
• Speaking in open forums following some of Colleen’s messages
• Developing a scholarship for Christian homeschooled students interested in higher education for missions purposes
• Writing (somewhat infrequently) a Road to Medical Missions newsletter update to donors and to those interested in praying for their future in medical missions
• Co-labouring with Todd in establishing a Bible study evening in our rented home with the view towards eventually having a church gathering
• Itinerary development and travel arrangements for summer ministry
• Retreat space preparation for Soul Care Intensives as well as for overnight guests
• Daily snail-mail letter writing ministry of encouragement and edification
• Research assistance with Colleen’s ministry of Courtship Analysis
• Development assistance with an online girls’ class
• Writing and production of e-books on sibling teamwork and on education strategies, including Home School to Medical School
• On a limited basis, to provide legal counsel to California churches (all three sons are licensed attorneys in the state of California)

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