Colleen is a traveling counselor’s wife who loves her husband, her kids, lab dogs and interior-design-on-pennies, the green of grape leaf buds in Spring, and the blue of a southern sky. Born and raised on a river island at the edge of the Pacific Ocean in British Columbia, she is as at home by the sea as she is at the foot of the mountains. She is a “bistro counselor” with a solid, intact marriage to her soul-mate and five adult or almost-adult children who are the fruit of daily investment for 26 years and abundant grace and mercy from God.

In addition to devoting herself to family, she shares what strong women have taught her and what she has learned through trial and error in her own home: respect, harmony, responsibility, emotional steadiness, work ethic, creativity and thoughtfulness. Working in tandem with her husband (who counsels couples in the days following her messages to women) and her adult children (who join her for Q & A sessions and in open forums), Colleen is committed to teaching the Word of God without compromise as she addresses motherhood, marriage, guy-girl relationships, and excellence in academics for children. She has a holistic approach, in particular to those who feel overwhelmed or depressed, and she routinely brings hope to families through nutritional counseling coupled with time/priority management; her message is practical and do-able and God-honouring in its emphasis on kindness, tenderness, and understanding alongside firm and healthy boundaries.

She is a firm believer in ridding oneself of root issues at the core spiritual level rather than frequently re-applying emotional band-aids to recurring symptoms. She is the founder of Life Jar Workshops both for young men and for young women, both of which provide a detailed do-able plan for adult success. She has facilitated or co-led workshops in anger management, love and respect, and parenting, and has provided teaching on the following topics:

• Adoption and related family integration issues
• Academic and character excellence for boys (based on her international business training/experience)
• Healthy sexuality and the effects of hormone and nutrition issues on emotions and fatigue
• Conflict resolution and peace, especially for leadership wives
• Purposeful vision-driven parenting
• Love and respect in marriage
• Courtship and marriage partner evaluation and preparation

Colleen earned a degree in Interpersonal Communication and a Master’s Degree in English in 1986. She has spoken across the United States as well as overseas, in seminars, workshops, and as a keynote speaker at women’s conferences in Canon Beach, Oregon and Reno, Nevada. In addition, she is a prolific writer, jotting notes daily on books in process, and writing the quarterly Letters Home newsletter for the mission.

She recognizes her own imperfections, and is currently taking a sabbatical from speaking until April of 2015 so that she can adequately focus on her own core physical fitness. During this time she will continue to write the newsletter and teach an intensive online class for girls aged 12 and older (it is not too late to join, if you are interested), and counsel on a limited basis as well as co-counsel overnight soul care sessions with married couples and individuals.

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